The studio

In most of the places where I got tattooed, I met male staff, black walls full of skulls and heavy rock in the background.

I knew my studio would be different.

Mink Studio is a small and intimate studio in a moshav near Hod Hasharon, which caters to a mainly female audience (but yes, men are also welcome)

With a relaxed and personal atmosphere - one tattoo bed in complete privacy.

So how do you start? Sitting together over a cup of coffee to talk about the idea behind the tattoo, trying different directions of illustration, size, location on the body, taking a deep breath and approaching the matter.

The approach in the studio is very suitable for those who are getting their first tattoo, both young and old.

hesitating? Not closed on a tattoo? Want to consult? I'm here

See you at Mink Studio,


  • ★★★★★

    "I was just talking to my friend and when I explained to her how today in the studio I was suddenly calm and relaxed and there were a few hours of escaping from reality I found the word for the experience... therapeutic (an Australian friend then we spoke in English) and really that's what it was. I think I'm going to get into trouble soon because it's already coming I have another one..."

  • ★★★★★

    "At age 72, as many things were happening in my life, I decided that I needed to tattoo on my arm what symbolizes freedom, innocence, and beauty in my eyes - a butterfly. To my great joy, I found Michal who welcomed me with tenderness, sensitivity, and a huge smile. I couldn't have asked for a more empowering experience. I enjoyed every moment."

  • ★★★★★

    "Michal is sensitive, intelligent, and very talented. Getting tattooed by her is a homely and pleasant experience, professional and uplifting to the spirit. She always knows how to match the right style for you, in the most precise location and size. Michal is not only a good tattoo artist; she also provides a good and pleasant experience full of sensitivity. I warmly recommend her after about 8 tattoos I've gotten from her!"