Who am I

Hi, my name is Michal.

In recent years I have been tattooing and illustrating and before that I was engaged in interior design for many years.

I have been involved all my life in the fields of design and art and discover every time anew the power of art to express feelings, thoughts and beliefs - even better than words.

The style of tattoos that characterizes me is Black Line Tattoo and as someone who is very connected to a feminist agenda and female power (mother of three stunning daughters), I created for women who came to me to get tattooed original illustrations dealing with women and significant moments in their lives.

Over time, these illustrations took on a life of their own and I started getting requests to print them to hang on the walls at home.

The website in front of you brings together my "ink works", those on the skin and those on the wall, hence its name: Michal INK

I hope you will find something here that speaks to you, makes you excited or expresses a significant moment for you and invites you to express it on your body or on the walls of your house.

Yours, Michal